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Maple Tree Cutting

Posted by: Mark Fucile on Nov/21/2012
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So Tuesday we had the boys from Stowe Tree Experts remove a 125 year or so old Maple Tree from the Luce Hill side of the property.  It had slowly been growing into the dining room of lodge.  As much as we hated to end 125 year or so existance, it was necessary to take it down.  The branches were falling on the roof and it was evident that the tree trunk was rotting from the inside out.  

Repurpose!  That's something Linda and I love.  We thought we coule repurpose the Maple trunk as a Hostess station -- thus keeping a bit of the old tree forever at the lodge.  So, it was at about 7:30 a.m. that the Stowe Tree Experts truckes began rolling into the parking lot -- with High School drop off passing by in full swing the fellas began work.  A crane, an big mongo Fargoesque chipper, a guy strung atop the maple chainsawing from the top down.  Branches fell first, then limbs then before long at all they amother sawman was taking the trunk down with a 3' Husquvarna saw.  Thump! and it was down.

Saving the trunk for the greeters desk, the rest of the tree will yield the better part of a cord of fire wood.  A number pieces might make its way into the bar as foot stools once the bleed their sap.  

Gotta say how very impressed we are with the work and effiency of the Stowe Tree Experts.  Best of all, we've booked them for their company Christmas party later in December.  Nice.  Whenever able we'll choose to do business locally knowing it will come back to us.