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Local Treasures - The Pikes

Posted by: Linda Hunter on Nov/13/2013

Mark and I knew we were buying a landmark property but we didn’t know just how many lives Ten Acres Lodge had touched and how many memories it had been part off.  We are humbled to own a “local treasure” and have so much enjoyed hearing these stories that we would like to honor some other local treasures. 

In our partnership with Meals on Wheels we met Merton and Ora Pike – a truly amazing couple.  Merton and Ora celebrated their 70th Wedding Anniversary this year and continue to live on their farm in spite of Merton losing his legs in 1973 in a tractor accident and Ora using a walker for the last 15 years.  They epitomize the stoicism, fortitude and dignity that has long been associated with Vermonters. 

Merton and Ora met at UVM and married after graduation.  Merton returned to his family farm on Rt 100 and Ora became an elementary school teacher.  They have travelled 3 times cross country but have never found anywhere that compares to their beloved Vermont.  They attribute being good to yourself and others as the value that has guided them through their long lives together.

The Pikes became recipients of Meals on Wheels after some temporary health set backs made Ora house-bound.  About 4 years ago they began receiving meals 5 days a week – Mrs. Pike finds this a “big help” and as both a farmer and an educator, appreciates the efforts made to produce nutritionally balanced food.  They both enjoy most of the meals but like many of us could do without the Brussels Sprouts!

I asked Mrs. Pike what was the best advice she had ever been given she paused thoughtfully and said “I guess keep on keeping on”.  It was an honor and a pleasure to chat with Mrs. Pike.

The Pikes are incredibly gracious people – I asked them what dessert could we make in their honor and they replied “we like everything”!  Sous Chef Tess Cashin was given this mission and, inspired by seasonal, local products created “Maple Pumpkin Crème Brulee with Candied Cranberries” – you can be sure I’ll be taking some round to Mr and Mrs Pike this week.