Feb 27, 2013
We stopped in for a drink as this is a new Bistro in town. We were blown away by the ambiance. The simple elegant clean lines of the decor. Gone are the days of lace and clutter. The fun bright colors of the paint and staff added to our drinks turning into an evening at the the place. We started in the bar with cocktails, then onto dinner in one of the 4 cozy dining rooms and finished with dessert on a soft couch next to the fireplace. The food did not let down, in fact it exceeded our expectations. You may wait awhile but its worth it. Each plate is made to order, not Pre-cooked (or par cooked) as many of the other restaurants do. Our meal was prepared and cooked for us. To start you must try the Pineapple salad- Yum! The Shrimp too. We also enjoyed the halved Lobster and the succulent Short Ribs. This is one of our Stowe favorites for food and PRICE!!!!!! We will be back again and again to see Linda and Mark the owners, and hear Linda's Scottish accent.
Pat S

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Feb 15, 2013
We have been coming to Stowe for seven years and have finally found the best restaurant in town. What Mark and Linda have done with the 10 Acres is truly magical. The old world charm of the Inn is mixed with a modern version of food, wine, beer and of course fun. We are still waiting for Linda’s haggis entre but even without that the menu is fantastic. Seafood lovers can avail themselves of the stew or salmon while us meat eaters can work on the pork shank. I hear the duck is good as well but after trying the pork, I am fine right there. Chef Gary leaves it on the bone making a knife unnecessary as the meat will fall easily with the lightest touch of a fork or for that matter, the slightest breath. Feel free to gnaw on the bone when through; after all this is Vermont, not New York City. At 20 bucks you will know its not New York City. Speaking of price most of the wines come by the glass and the bottles are priced incredibly fair. The new bar is still inhabited by the old locals which gives the old Stowe charm. Give it a go, you won’t be disappointed.