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First Blog Post

Posted by: Mark Fucile on Nov/18/2012

Categories: Hello

And so we're blogging. While the nice people over at Edgeworks Creative are building out the new Ten Acres Lodge and The Bistro at Ten Acres website Linda and I though we might just blog our hearts out in effort to keep everyone interested updated with goings-ons here. Every day is different, long, sometimes frustrating but always satisfying. Truth be told not a single days has yet to feel like work. With each day Linda and I can just feel this old building shaking the dust of it's broad shoulders, waking back up to the vibrant life it used to enjoy. I can tell you how many people stop into the lodge, stop us in public to tell a story or memory they have of this property. These stories always include something to the effect, 1) "That place used to be THE place in town where EVERYONE went." and 2) "Good luck. That place needs a lot of love." And it does need a lot of love -- a lot of love, attention, repair, rearranging and cleaning. Simply, there are 22 toilets and 1 urinal here. That's a lot split between the two of us.

As part of reclamation we'll be completely redesigning the bar -- bigger, comfortable and lively. The restaurant is being removed of its wallpaper -- all of it, every wall. In place Linda has created a bright color scheme -- more late on the color inspiration... The 2 cottages will also get a full modern design remodel -- the red cottage a full kitchen and the gray cottage warm, cozy colors and furniture. The Hill House at the top of the property also includes a full modern styled redesign with the second floor units getting a wet bar while the 4 bottom units will be turned into 2, 2 bedroom rentals each with a full kitchen.

It's a lot of work for sure especially as I write this just a couple days before Thanksgiving when we want to be booked and open before Christmas. But we're up of it. We'll do it.

Or inspiration, frustrations, triumphs and many stories to follow shortly.