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Arrival at Ten Acres

Posted by: Linda Hunter On: Mar 26 2013 At: 1:44 PM
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Mark and I walked through the door of Ten Acres Lodge on November 2nd last year with dreams, hopes, a plan (of sorts) and a healthy dose of fear.  We had spent the summer scheming and planning as we waited to sell our property. We arrived fresh from the closing armed with a couple of bags and a bottle of champagne to find a group of our dearest friends clutching mops and dusters singing Abba’s “Money, Money, Money” – at least it wasn’t Patsy Cline singing “Crazy”!  Intuitively both Mark and I realized that the jubilant support hid a genuine Read More

Maple Tree Cutting

Posted by: Mark Fucile On: Nov 21 2012 At: 9:32 PM
Tags: Stowe Tree Experts
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So Tuesday we had the boys from Stowe Tree Experts remove a 125 year or so old Maple Tree from the Luce Hill side of the property.  It had slowly been growing into the dining room of lodge.  As much as we hated to end 125 year or so existance, it was necessary to take it down.  The branches were falling on the roof and it was evident that the tree trunk was rotting from the inside out.   Repurpose!  That's something Linda and I love.  We thought we coule repurpose the Maple trunk as a Hostess station -- thus keeping Read More

First Blog Post

Posted by: Mark Fucile On: Nov 18 2012 At: 8:31 PM
Category: Hello

And so we're blogging. While the nice people over at Edgeworks Creative are building out the new Ten Acres Lodge and The Bistro at Ten Acres website Linda and I though we might just blog our hearts out in effort to keep everyone interested updated with goings-ons here. Every day is different, long, sometimes frustrating but always satisfying. Truth be told not a single days has yet to feel like work. With each day Linda and I can just feel this old building shaking the dust of it's broad shoulders, waking back up to the vibrant life it used to Read More